PK Communications


Executive Director, Eastside Audubon

"Because of Mr. Kelley’s work in building relationships with the local press, we’ve gotten more publicity and developed more name awareness than we’ve ever had before."

"[Kelley has also] brought a fresh perspective to the board, especially in how to focus our message in communication with members and potential members, and how to increase our effectiveness as an organization."

President, Eastside Audubon

"[Kelley's] enthusiasm is infectious. Working with our Board, he has opened  eyes and minds to new ways of getting our message out. His work assisting us with  communications, website redesign, and grant proposals has paid off for us in a short period of time."

Managing Editor, Microsoft

“[Kelley’s] ability to convey complex information, and lots of it, in a clear, direct, and logical style has helped enormously in making [our product] comprehensible and accessible to our global customer base.”

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

“It takes a special level of passion, dedication, and smarts to hold your own in a technical discussion as the writer in an engineering group, and Patrick brought that and more to our product teams.”

Site Manager, Microsoft

“[Kelley’s] work was always on-time, accurate, and of extremely high quality. In a sometimes contentious environment, he negotiated time and commitments with skill and grace, and always maintained professionalism and sense of humor in the face of deadlines.”

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